3 Episodes

Snapshots of dynamic individuals pursuing their best selves all over the world - These are the humans who do the work, who push toward improvement, who fuel our passion. Without them, there’s no us.

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  • Matt Murphy

    Episode 1

    Murphy is a brilliant athlete with a knack for running down mountains. The secret behind his medals?

    Hint – might have something to do with the time he fractured his femurs. Both of them.

  • Lachlan Wilmot

    Episode 2

    Athletic performance specialist Lachlan Wilmot offers insight and advice to young, aspiring strength and conditioning coaches.

  • Ed Smith
    Episode 3

    Ed Smith

    Episode 3

    Ed Smith, Operations & Infrastructure Manager at Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness, shares his view on the importance of sport, as well as what makes his organization so successful.