3 Seasons

We believe education is a conversation. PLAE Labs deliver unique educational experiences designed by strength coaches for strength coaches, purposed to inform and inspire in a completely immersive, dialogue-driven environment.

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  • Workload monitoring in Team Sports

    Episode 1

    Watch Coach Nijem present on workload monitoring with the Sacramento Kings.


  • Linear Speed Development

    Episode 2

    Adam Larcom defines the essential components of a proper linear speed development program.


  • SAQ Program Design In a Field Sport

    Episode 3

    The Essential Elements of a SAQ (Speed, Agility, and Quickness) Program with Joseph Coyne


  • Multidirectional Training

    Episode 4

    Roger Fabri speaks on the essence that drives his goals in multidirectional programming.

  • Keeping It Simple, It’s About The Big Picture

    Episode 5

    Coach Fitzgerald speaks on the importance of avoiding overcomplicated programming.


  • Olympic Lift Variations

    Episode 6

    Ryan Davis speaks on variations of Olympic Lifting and how to best implement them into programming for development of explosiveness and velocity.


  • Teaching & Developing Explosive Acceleration

    Episode 7

    Jim Keilbaso presents on how to develop dynamic speed and acceleration.


  • Eccentric Training: From Programming to Progressions

    Episode 8

    Dr. Brandon Marcello discusses programming and progressions for eccentric training.


  • Strength & Conditioning in Sports Science

    Episode 9

    Dr. Matt Rhea describes how he integrates sport science into strength and conditioning.


  • Explosive Strength and Power

    Episode 10

    Legendary strength and conditioning coach Al Vermeil discusses how to best develop power and explosiveness in your athletes.


  • Behind the Scenes : Baseball Strength & Conditioning

    Episode 11

    Deep dive into the professional baseball athlete's strength and conditioning program with Bob Alejo.


  • Athlete Development Systems and Strategies

    Episode 12

    Implementation and Optimization of Velocity-Based Training with Coach Dave Ballou


  • Nutrition For The Pro’s

    Episode 13

    Sarah Snyder discusses the importance behind nutrition for athletes at the professional level.


  • Programming for the Collegiate Swimmer

    Episode 14

    Join University of Michigan's Katlyn Haycock in an exploration of programming for the collegiate swimmer.

  • Jump Monitoring In Collegiate Swimming

    Episode 15

    Coach Nate Brookreson discusses the effectiveness of jump monitoring for swimmers.

  • Louisville Swimming Strength and Conditioning

    Episode 16

    Jason Dierking gives insight into the strength & conditioning practices he includes in his spring swimming programming.

  • Swimming - Phase 3 Lecture Summer

    Episode 17

    Katrin Koch outlines the facets of her summer swim strength and conditioning program.


  • The Peri Window of Competition

    Episode 18

    Chris Gaviglio defines the Peri Window of competition and how best to prepare for it.


  • Strength & Power in High Performance

    Episode 19

    David Joyce and Lachlan Wilmot describe their strength and power program for high performance sport.


  • NFL: Culture and Performance

    Episode 20

    Dave Puloka outlines how to program for NFL athletes, as well as how to embrace culture.


  • Health and Fitness Solutions : A Pathway for Every Officer

    Episode 21

    Mick Stireli explains how to effectively interpret fitness and health avenues for anybody.


  • Discipline : The Weight Room to the Field

    Episode 22

    Join Cato Rutherford as he explains why and how discipline in the weight room carries onto the field.


  • What’s your Coaching Philosophy?

    Episode 23

    David Boyle speaks on the importance of having a coaching philosophy, as well as how to make yours more effective.


  • Building The Wheels

    Episode 24

    An Exclusive How-To on Training the Human Foot and Its Benefits with Mark Kilgallon