3 Seasons

We believe education is a conversation. PLAE Labs deliver unique educational experiences designed by strength coaches for strength coaches, purposed to inform and inspire in a completely immersive, dialogue-driven environment.

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  • Notre Dame: Lacrosse Summer Training

    Episode 1

    Listen in to Coach Szemborski and learn about summer periodization for Lacrosse.

  • Practical : Agility Progressions for Sport

    Episode 2

    Ron McKeefery leads a practical, outlining his components of an effective agility session.

  • Physiological Profile of Swimming

    Episode 3

    Keenan Robinson explains what to look for in building a physiological profile for swimmers.


  • Velocity as a Measure

    Episode 4

    Coaching legend Dan Baker educates on the use of velocity as a means of determining the level of resistance training an athlete needs.


  • Unified - Not Uniform : Programming for the High School Athlete

    Episode 5

    Gary Schofield puts on a program design workshop for creating unified (not uniform) programs.


  • Systems vs. Programs

    Episode 6

    Jesse Ackerman discusses the pros and cons of systems versus programs.


  • Teaching The Olympic Lifts

    Episode 7

    Eric Lougas discusses the steps and cues he uses to teach Olympic Lifting at the high school level.


  • In-season Training For Lacrosse

    Episode 8

    Curt Lamb discusses everything you need to know about in-season lacrosse programming.

  • Kansas Basketball Performance

    Episode 9

    Get a glimpse into Andrea Hudy's model for performance development in basketball players.


  • Iowa State: Wrestling Off-season

    Episode 10

    Considerations for Off-Season Wrestling at the Collegiate Level with Josh Beauregard

  • Combating Complacency

    Episode 11

    Donnie Maib discusses how to avoid complacency and overcome plateaus in the workplace.


  • Explosive Strength and Power

    Episode 12

    Mike Bewley delivers a guide to utilizing heart rate training and energy system development for optimized explosiveness.


  • Get Better : Build a Solid Foundation

    Episode 13

    Build a solid foundation with Ingrid Marcum. Ingrid discusses connection, control and how to implement them in your program.


  • Interview Skills

    Episode 14

    Scott Caulfield discusses how to best prepare for selling yourself as a strength & conditioning coach.

  • Designing an Effective Warm Up

    Episode 15

    Jim Kiritsy defines the essential components of an effective warm-up.


  • Resume and Branding

    Episode 16

    Ron McKeefery identifies the proper components of a strength coach's resume.


  • Plyometrics - From Leaps & Landings to Lunacy

    Episode 17

    Coach Brett Bartholomew discusses how to best write a plyometric program and implement it effectively.


  • Linear Speed Development

    Episode 18

    Speed coach legend Dan Pfaff discusses the art behind coaching agility and acceleration.


  • Triple-E Coaching : Getting the Best From Your Athletes

    Episode 19

    Brendan Chaplin defines his "Triple-E" coaching system, which utilizes movement games to boost athletic performance.


  • Weight-Cutting In Combat Sports

    Episode 20

    John Connor lays out his training strategy for working with elite MMA fighters.


  • Major League Lacrosse: Strength and Conditioning

    Episode 21

    Training For and Playing In the MLL with Coach Chris Spangler

  • Strength and Conditioning for the Youth Lacrosse Athlete

    Episode 22

    Rob Taylor discusses training lacrosse athletes in the private sector.

  • Science x Sweat : The Force-Velocity Curve

    Episode 23

    Paul Comfort elaborates on how he uses weightlifting derivatives to satisfy the force-velocity curve.


  • In-season Development for Team Sport Athletes

    Episode 24

    Paudie Roche presents on in-season strength and power development with the Arsenal FC.