Building Monstahs

Building Monstahs

3 Seasons

Join Coach Gary Schofield as he shares what he's learned from over 20 years of being a strength coach at the high school level and how he built S&C programs for young athletes in multiple sports.

Building Monstahs
  • Building Monstahs

    Episode 1

  • Building Monstahs - Episode 1

    Episode 2

    This episode will walk the coach through the 5-step process of curriculum mapping: Why, What, How, When, and Review. Coach Schofield will define Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD), demonstrate how a coaching identity leads to program clarity, reveal how understanding standards builds authentic...

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  • Building Monstahs - Episode 2

    Episode 3

    This episode will center on developing daily lesson plans for each training session and block. Coach Schofield will instruct each coach how to organize a plan to clearly show standards based instruction (what each student should be able to DO), instructional strategies (how to engage the student...

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  • Building Monstahs - Episode 3

    Episode 4

    This episode will center on the 10 "S's" of Training and Performance for the High School student-athlete: Strength (and Power), Stamina (Conditioning), Speed (and Agility), Skill (Movement and Technical), Suppleness (Mobility, Flexibility and Stability), pSychology (Character Development), Struct...

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  • Building Monstahs - Episode 4

    Episode 5

    The final episode will walk each coach through how Coach Schofield creates Training Blocks that center on student needs rather than technical progression. Foundational Block 1 as well as Advanced Blocks (Size, Shape, Strength, and Speed) will be discussed with attention to exercise selection, vol...

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