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  • Donnie Maib - Lessons in Leadership

    16 videos  |   Buy $129.99

    There is one thing in the world of strength and conditioning that often gets overlooked when it comes to skills and making an impact as a coach. Coach Donnie Maib has spent his career of over 22 years refining the skills of leadership that are so integral to every coach. Join Donnie as he unpacks...

  • Chris Gaviglio - Intro to Blood Flow Restriction

    14 videos  |   Buy $129.99

    Join Dr. Chris Gaviglio on a deep dive into the benefits and methods of Blood Flow Restriction training. Dr. Gaviglio has been a Strength & Conditioning coach at the professional level for over 15 years working with some of the world's top athletes. If you've ever wondered about BFR training, loo...

  • Bryan Mann - Recovery Methods

    11 videos  |   Buy $129.99

    Join Dr. Bryan Mann as he deep dives into athlete recovery and many of the different techniques and methods surrounding this ever evolving topic.

  • Fergus Connolly - The Art of Sports Science

    14 videos  |   Buy $129.99

    In this Masters Academy, Dr. Fergus Connolly details the art of sport science and the concepts outlined in his best selling book “Game Changer.” You’ll learn how to improve performance with evidence-based analysis and athlete-focused training and how to break down the common elements in all sport...