Beyond The Chalk

Beyond The Chalk

Join Coach Mac as he explores the programs and philosophies of great S&C coaches around the world.

Beyond The Chalk
  • Brett Bartholomew

    Coach Mac meets up with author, speaker, and coach Brett Bartholomew in Woodstock, GA to hear about his journey, inspiration, reasons, and methods for becoming a strength coach and how he aims to leave his mark on the industry.

  • Bill Foran

    Join Coach McKeefery as he travels to Miami to visit with Coaches Bill and Eric Foran. They discuss Miami Heat culture and what it's like for this father and son duo to work with some of the best athletes in the NBA.

  • Tom Morris

    In this episode of Beyond the Chalk, Coach Mac travels to the home of the Hoosiers to talk with Director of Athletic Performance, Tom Morris, about turning life-changing events into fuel for changing lives.

  • Ryan Davis

    Join Coach Mac as he travels to Colorado State University to hang out with good friend Ryan Davis. Get an inside glimpse as Coach Davis discusses leadership and pushing his athletes beyond their comfort zones.

  • Ted Rath

    Coach McKeefery heads out to Los Angeles to visit the Head of Strength & Conditioning of the LA Rams! Having clinched their division, we got a firsthand glimpse into how Coach Rath exposes the greatness inside his team every day.

  • Liane Blyn

    Coach Mac heads out to Arizona State University, the stomping grounds of IPF and USAPL record holder Liane Blyn. As the current Head of Sports Performance Olympic Sports, her commitment to hard work shows through her dedication to her athletes.

    Always the hardest worker in the room, Liane is a...

  • John McKenna

    Join Coach Mac as he heads to Lawrenceville, NJ, home of Notre Dame High School and S&C legend John McKenna. If any program warrants a closer look, John's does. Old school values and a hard work philosophy.

  • Zach Even-Esh

    Join Coach Ron McKeefery as he heads to Manasquan, NJ, home of Zach Even Esh, the one and only founder and operator of the Underground Strength Gym. Zach has been pouring himself into his profession and his athletes for years, and we're honored to highlight his passion.

    If anybody ever earned ...

  • Tommy Heffernan

    Coach Ron McKeefery travels to The University of Hawaii in Honolulu to visit his good friend Tommy Heffernan. Tommy is an inspiration to everyone around him and talks about putting his family first, all while pouring his entire heart into his students and athletes.

  • Jon Feinman

    Jon Feinman at InnerCity Weightlifting is an inspiring individual making a massive impact in the areas in and around Boston, Massachusetts.

  • Bo Sandoval

    We're honored to share the journey of Coach Bo Sandoval, Director of Strength and Conditioning at the UFC Performance Institute​. Join Ron McKeefery​ as he tours UFC's impressive new PI in Las Vegas and gains insight on what drives Bo to be a great coach, husband, and dad.

  • Donnell Boucher

    For this episode of Beyond the Chalk, Ron McKeefery visits Donnell Boucher, Director of Strength and Conditioning for The Citadel.

  • Corliss Fingers

    For this episode of Beyond the Chalk, Ron McKeefery visits Corliss Fingers, Head of Strength and Conditioning for Bethune-Cookman Athletics.

  • Donnie Maib

    For this episode of Beyond the Chalk, Ron McKeefery meets with Donnie Maib, Assistant Athletics Director for The University of Texas at Austin.

  • Craig Fitzgerald

    Follow along as Ron McKeefery spends some time with Craig Fitzgerald, former Head of Strength and Conditioning for the Houston Texans.

  • Gary Schofield

    Ron McKeefery visits Gary Schofield, Head of Strength and Conditioning at Greater Atlanta Christian School to discuss the important role strength coaches play in high school and lower education, along with his journey to start the National High School Strength Coaches Association.

  • Brian Clarke

    Brian Clarke is the head of Strength and Conditioning at Noblesville High school in Noblesville, IN. Coach Clarke’s high school program is one that would impress even the most seasoned strength and conditioning coaches. He has built a culture of education and respect that bleeds out of the weight...

  • Gus Felder

    Coach Mac visits Gus "BigDawg" Felder, Dir. of Strength and Conditioning for the Miami Hurricanes, to learn from Gus's approach to faith, family, and football.

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